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Acupuncture-San Jose

This facial is different from a traditional Western facial that you might get in a spa. We use Acupuncture to open your channels, make your energy flow throughout your body, improve circulation, digestive health, and evacuation. After consultation, we estimate your situation and suggest individualized herbal nutrition to help you

• balance Yin Yang,

• Han Re (internal hot or cool)

• clean phlegm and extra water from your body system,

• detox,

• Lose weight.

Hot stone therapy can promote yang energy and boost your organ function. Other natural treatments work together for your body system.

When you improve internal health, it will reflect on your face in bright, smooth, healthy color without blemishes.


A. Ultrasonic Skin Scrubber

Ultrasonic Skin Scrubber Micro-computer Skin Scrubber

Clean horniness & melamin

Improve blood & lymph circulation

Accelerate nutrient absorption

Working principal:

Ultrasonic skin shovel is the most popular with beauticians among multiple instruments. After long time’s trialing, ensure its outstanding effect on facial care. Its shifts electric vibration with 28000 times per second to mechanical vibration with thousands upon thousands times per second. Penetration effect of ultrasonic gives skin massage as well as cleansing. Meanwhile, deep cells get excited. It could effectively remove spots, wrinkles, pimples, horniness layer and residues in pores s so that your skin looks white, purified and soften. It can be used at any age, for women and men. It is effectives for all stages of life and all types of skin and provides an effective solution with instantly visible results. Matures and dull skin benefits from the anti-aging effect due to the exfoliation. Dry and sensitive skin is revitalized as aged skin cells are removed with the result that products used after treatment (face masks, creams, etc.) Work better. The skin is unblocked and elasticity is restored. Greasy and problem skin becomes clean and clear. Pores are closed, the skin texture is refined and imperfections are reduced. It has revolutionized beauty at home with its natural, pure and simple way to contribute to the beauty of your skin and the radiance of your face. By using it, your face has an immediate glow, akin to that of having new skin.


1. Deep clear and clean up aged horniness.

2. Reduce melanin to get a whiten skin.

3. In-depth eliminates the wrinkle, strengthens the skin elasticity.

4. Improve blood circulation and lymph metabolism.

5. Strengthen the skin cell reproductive property and the permeability.

6. Accelerate the absorption of nutrition.

7. Digital control, with double function integration.

8. No effect and negative for skin.

B. Supersonic Instrument

1.Wrinkle Removal

2.Face lifting

3.Poison Excreted

4.Facial care

Softening thrombi,eliminate the “red face”

Elimination of the scars after acnes

Pigments removal

Differentiation of pigments,subcutaneous spots removal

Remove wrinkles,scatter accumulated blood and skin lifting

Deal with black eye circle problems and remove eye bags

Reduce fat and cure acnes

Massage regularly can improve the cortex

Our most comprehensive service includes a combination of services designed for whole-body wellness that reflects in a more radiant face.

* Meridian Massage: All the meridian of your body goes to your face, that's why some one have dark face or marks, acne, wrinkle, wart......on the face. That's because your meridian get stuck. So we offer special meridian massage to help facial treatment. specially more effective than others normall facial!

* Special AFGF ( Acid Fibroblast Growth Factor) can remove the scar and flattening your face. correct red will see the amazing change after 2 - 5 times treatment!

• Weight Loss: Using and electronic acupuncture device coupled with herbal medicine, our procedures yield amazing visible results. These results are evidenced by measuring your stomach before and after the procedures.

• Facial Mask: As a bonus to the facial acupuncture, this mask will help brighten and tighten your skin. These all-natural, chemical-free products will make your skin feel younger and healthier

• Herbal Nutrition: Individual consultation on herbal formulas will help cleanse your system. These therapies are like removing all the “traffic jams” in your body!

• Healthy Lifestyle Suggestions: We will share the wisdom of thousands of years of Eastern health secrets for a healthier lifestyle.

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